Thursday, March 19, 2009

Close Family Ties

Front L-R: Ramsey & her big brother Zac
Back L-R: Sharon, Andrea, Jimmy
and I'm taking the picture

L-R: Zac, Ramsey, Sharon (Zac's mom) & Andi (Ramsey's mom)

Sharon & Andi (Andrea)

What do these two mom's have in common besides being friends?
Answer: They both have me as a friend but,
more importantly they are also mom & stepmom to the same children, Megan & Zac. And with parents like these two it's not surprising why my grandchildren turned out so well. Of course I'll have to give some credit to their dad and to my son-in-law Scott too.

It's not often that one can boast of having such a wonderful, funny & sweet person married to my EX- son-in-law Garry. I never dreamed that Andi & I would become such good friends, but after I saw the friendship that grew between Sharon & Andi, it was just a matter of time before I also grew to love & respect Andi.

I'm proud of these two mom's and the obstacles they have overcome. I know that it wasn't easy being the ex and the current wife of the same man, but they threw their feelings aside and found that there was much to like & respect about each other and that respect & love grew into a wonderful friendship that has been a benefit to all of us and especially to the children. I have also gained a "special grandchild" too, Megan & Zac's little sister, Ramsey.

Life is Good


Tomas Dennis said...

Life is Good

Susie said...

If only all "blended families" had such a sense of harmony.
You are blessed..

scott said...

it looks like you all let the good times roll.
this is a testamony to our God and what he can do if we'd only follow him examples.
i like what susie said.

Anonymous said...

God is the Father of this love I have for Andrea.
Love the post mom.God gets all the Glory.
Mothers know how to teach and show the love of God through relationships they have with others.What better example than this.
Andrea is a blessing to me as a step mom of my children.
We have both grown a lot in 13 years.