Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fair weather rider rides again

We went riding today, but first I had to have my battery charged up. Jimmy rolled my bike out and when I tried to start it I could tell that the battery was weak so I didn't want to completely kill the battery so I asked Jimmy if he wouldn't please connect the battery charger to my battery for a little while.

It was a beautiful day and only required a sweatshirt when we left and as the day progressed it got even warmer. It was a perfect day and I wish all days were as nice as this one was today. It was very enjoyable so I rode a little longer than I usually do on my first trip out after winter. Jimmy rides all through winter, but I don't...I'm a fair weather rider.

As my family knows, I make up all kinds of excuses as to why I can't ride. It's either too cold, too windy or my back hurts or I'm tired...when really I'm just too scared even though I love it. I can't explain my fear. So when I asked Jimmy to charge up my battery he thought it was another one of my excuses. I have an initial fear of my first ride each spring, but once I take the plunge and ride, I'm fine and wonder why I'm so hesitant in the first place. Well today I over came my fear once again, so now I'm alright.


scott said...

well, well, well...another one under the belt.
glad you got to ride and got over those first ride gitters.
sharon will be tickled and i bet was happy.
now practice up so we can "ALL" ride a little this year. LOL:)

Tomas Dennis said...

It was a nice day to be out yesterday. Spring is here emotionally.

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm proud of you.Kiss kiss love you

Susie said...

Glad you were able to enjoy a spring day riding :)