Monday, March 16, 2009

She possibly caught a bug

During Sharon's last visit she sat in our blue recliner and then the next day she called me and said that she woke up with a scratchy throat and thought that she might have caught a bug at her last visit to the doctor's office, when she mistakenly sat in the "Sick Patient's Only" section of the waiting room..
I reassured her that she was fine, but then thought about this old picture that I had of Jybow...and thought, hmmm?
Maybe Sharon caught the same bug that Jybow did when Jybow sat in the same blue recliner.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to reach into that photo and flip that nasty bug off.
U 2 funny

scott said...

if i caught a bug like that i'd freak out... especially if it was a spider bug!!!!!!!!!!!