Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just plain happy

I don't know what has come over me but I'm happier and feeling better than I have felt in months. My head and chest congestion are all gone too, but I think the cats are making me sneeze. It's either the cats or my laptop and Jimmy says that we aren't giving up the cats so it's going to have to be my laptop...fat chance of that.

My morning started with an early morning phone call of which I am getting very fond of please don't stop calling who ever you are? It used to be wrong numbers for the local airport, but now I get a phone call from someone I actually know...isn't that sweet.

Sharon & I first started our morning by going to the local H.S. and walking on their walking trail. It's much more enjoyable walking on the walking trail than walking on the track and going around in circles. At least this way we walk near a creek. The picture above was taken on a little bridge overlooking the creek but we didn't go out into that clearing behind us, but preferred to walk where we were shaded by trees. Sharon is a marathon runner and this morning she made me walk for a solid 40 minutes with only a 3 minute stop for pictures. She likes to torture me. hehehe.

If you'd like to see more torture pictures and me being almost attacked by a shadow bird CLICK HERE.

Next thing we did, after we took a shower and changed our clothes of course, was get on our bikes and go for a ride. Here I'm showing some skin for all to see. Nobody tells you that your shirt is blowing up in the air when they pass...they just smile really big, maybe even giggle or laugh out-loud and wave Hi. You're left thinking that they're really having a nice day and you smile back.

These pictures are so great because I took them myself. Back in the days when I was a back seat rider I could actually snap some nice pictures, but now that I'm in control of the bike the pictures often miss their targets. Oh well, we all can't be perfect. Someone suggested that I bolt a camera on my helmet but I don't wear a helmet if I don't have too. Besides that, the camera would be facing forward and it would be much more dangerous to turn around in the seat just to take a picture...I guess I could just put the bike on cruise control : )

Sharon & Jimmy always make me ride in front, I'm the leader of the pack. I think it's just because if a car pulls out in front of us that I'll get hit first, but they say it's so that they can watch me better so that I don't get hurt, hahaha, I don't believe that for a minute. They just want to cash in on my $100 Life Insurance Policy and go on a shopping spree. That's my hair in case you're wondering and that's Sharon followed by Jimmy. If you click on the pictures you might be able to see them better, but this story is really about my hair.

See I haven't even combed my hair yet. I just got off the bike and it looks like this. It's a little knotted and windblown but I'm happy with it. It's better than helmet hair and I think Sharon did a good job on it...except she didn't cut off the grey pieces like I asked her too...she never does what I ask her to, but at least she doesn't charge me for haircuts.

We had a good time today. We even went to Lake Linville and circled around the lake until we found the house Scott is helping to build. We just wanted to tease him & his boss Jonathan because they have to work while we're out enjoying the day and doing what they both like to do most.

Unfortunately the ride started out with a little mishap that resulted in road rash as Sharon was on her way to meet us. No hospitalization or emergency room call was needed...the cell phone survived although it broke into three pieces and was almost run over by several cars. As soon as Sharon felt her cell phone slide out of her pocket she saw it hit the blacktop and explode into peices. She came to a screeching halt, and ran to retrieve the pieces while dodging cars...that marathon running came in handy and she saved the phone. She put the broken pieces back together and we field tested it and it worked. Unfortunately Jimmy was very disappointed that it still worked because he has threatened to take all our cell phones away while we ride.

All in all it was a nice day and tomorrow is even going to be better! Too bad that you have to work Scott.

4 comments: said...

Cell phones will be outlawed because ( I have a source) three out of four drivers use them while driving.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Ha ha ha...Dennis, I don't think your source is very reliable....Oh, I forgot, your source is Suzanne.
(I first thought that you were quoting me) That's what I get for thinking. said...

Good Morning. Thank you Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny.We did have a great day.And your hair did look marvelous.
I'm not a marathon runner.They run 26 miles.I could run a half marathon but doctors nagged me and said it was unhealthy.So I'll walk with you and be happy and healthy.I'd say 4 out of 4 use phones while driving, they just counted Jimmy more than once.