Monday, April 27, 2009

A Poem


I look at life
through different eyes
not like I did before.
I see the good
that I have done
the lives
that I have touched.

Life has no meaning
without your smile,
your kind words
and your sweet praise.
I feel the love,
the trust, the bond
that no other can replace
or ever take away.

It never hurts
to dream a little
and imagine
what might have been.
It was there
for all to see,
but they never saw it
for all the trees.

The time to dream
is nearing its end.
The time to reflect
is at hand.
We loved, We lost
but who's to say
that things
might have turned out
any other way.

M.S. Wallace

2 comments: said...

Very nice love ya
Gil sent me a link to facebook. I am his friend. I sent you his page.

Anonymous said...

when you write that?very good.