Sunday, April 26, 2009

A quiet Sunday

My 21 year old grandson Zac stopped by to see us today along with our old neighbors who had moved out of the state into Ohio. We had planned on riding a little but our old friends, Millie & Charlie stayed to visit for a couple of hours so we ended up just riding about 83 miles to Texas Roadhouse to get something to eat.

It took us a while to get to the restaurant because Zac took every possible back road that he could find to get there. When we got to the restaurant Jimmy asked Zac if he was a wanted man in Richmond, because he totally avoided going through it and from our house that's almost a direct route to Lexington...but who ever takes direct routes to anywhere when you're riding anyway.

Other than Zac's visit we pretty much rested today and didn't do much of anything. I spent most of the morning looking at old pictures and sorting out some more pictures to put on Facebook for the Shattler's to see. The rest of my family on Facebook have already seem them, but since I was just happily reunited with the Shattler's, I'd like to share the pictures with them. I have enjoyed going through all of David, Staci and Jerry's pictures and have enjoyed seeing the families they now have. I have also enjoyed talking to Ron on the phone although I can't seem to get used to calling him Ron when I have always thought of him as Ronnie. It's the same with my own brother Dennis now being called Tomas or Tom...I can't do it so he'll always be Dennis to me.

Let me share a little story here about Dennis. One day I called him when Eli was home and answered the phone. Of course I asked for Dennis and he promptly told me that I had the wrong number and hung up the phone. I called back thinking that I might have accidentally dialed the wrong number, but I was certain that Eli had answered. When Eli answered again, I asked for Dennis again and he hung up on me again, so I called back and asked to speak to his dad and he said, "Oh, do you want to speak to Tom?" I don't know why I didn't think to just say, "This is aunt Sandy Eli, let me talk to Dennis." He probably would have asked me who Dennis was. hehehe.

Here are Zac and Jimmy on their bikes as we are getting ready to leave the restaurant. Although Jimmy rides 12 months out of the year, I'm a fair-weather rider, but when the temperature reaches 70 degrees we pretty much park the car & the jeep and they only get moved to mow under them : )

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday...I know I did! It's ALWAYS nice talking with the ones you love and having grandchildren stop by to visit. And it was also nice seeing Millie & Charlie again.

I'm really looking forward to next week, but it seems like a long time from now. XOXOXO and Hug the one you're with.


Rachel said...

Hi Sandy! I thought about you all with this nice weather and figured those motorcycles would be running!! I saw lots of riders out this weekend around here. Looks like everyone is having a blast!!

Your hair always looks great, even after riding!!

I hope you enjoyed the Texas Roadhouse! I haven't been there in a LONG time!! said...

Good Morning

Anonymous said...

zac's so sweet.I'm always tickled when he comes by to see you and (me).