Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Is The Sound Of My Soul

If the words sound familiar, It’s because they're lines from songs I'm listening to written down ramdomly as I hear them. It is the sound of my soul....

This Is The Sound Of My Soul

Hello, it’s been a while…..
And I really do miss your smile….
I won’t ask for promises,
We both played that game before.

How could we let it all slip away…….
It’s not easy to give up a memory……

No I can’t forget yesterday…..
And it doesn’t mean that you ain’t been on my mind.

Dreams are for those who sleep…..

I would have loved to have made it with you…..
Love can be right or wrong…..
Afternoon delight, dancing in the moonlight….

And so you’re back…..
I tried to mend the pieces of my broken heart….

I’ve been here all your life….
You were my sun and my rain….

It’s your love I need even though it’s just a memory….

I was yours before the stars were born….

An everlasting love will never die….

What went wrong….
They said it could never be….

I’m lying alone with my head on the phone….
I wish I could carry your smile in my heart….
I was so wrong….
I know you were right for believing for so long…..

There was something in every thing about you…..

You can blame it all on me…..
I was in the mood to dance with you forever….
Young and sweet and so innocent….

I don’t need the need to give some secrets away….

Because your kiss I couldn’t resist….

My gift is my song to you,
It’s for people like you who keep it turned on.

How wonderful life is while you’re in the world….
My tears were a waste of time, because you felt the same…
You were always on my mind….
I don’t know how this whole business started…..

That’s how much I cared….
How’s your life been going on….
When I make love I still see your face…

Easy ready willing, I should have resisted just a little….

Loving you has never been easy….

When all is said and done….

Everyone needs a little time away….

It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry….

After all that we’ve been through….

You’re just the part of me that I can’t let go….

You’re but a memory away….

You didn’t appreciate me till I was gone….

On a dark desert highway, show me a sign cause,

This could be heaven or this could be hell.

At least we now know how it all ends….

If you’re all alone when it really hurts, call me….

You walked out the door and never looked back,

But I always thought I’d see you again.

I was thinking of someone I loved….

I’ve always been a dreamer,
Even when there’s nothing to believe in.

Some of your love belongs to me now….

Didn’t we almost have it all….

The ride with you was worth the fall…

The night we held on till the morning,

We were so young and innocent then.

When love was young and new,

We’ll never be that way again.

Here and now,

The sound of your voice,

Holding you close in my heart.

Everybody loves you so don’t let them down…
There’s talk on the street,

That somebody loves you.

I’m just a small town girl,
Living in a lonely world.

How a love so right turned out to be so wrong….

You came back to make amends…..

Confessions of the heart….
I’m waking up to a fantasy….

You’re out of touch, I’m out of time….

I’m sorry so sorry, but I didn’t know

That love could be so cruel.

You tell me that mistakes were part of yesterday…

We tried to talk it over….

Beautiful faces, loud empty spaces…

Here in my heart I gave you the best of my love.
We’re going back in time….

Maybe I don’t want to know
What could have been or what, it really was.

We threw it all away…..

Shadows searching in the night….

Just say it one more time….

Don’t stop believing…..

She always says what she means,

And that’s all you need to know.

You’ve got a cute way of talking…

I’m in a spin you know…..

You make me feel like dancing….

Tragedy, you’re going away.

There ain’t no danger that we could go too far.

You put the light in my eyes….
Nobody knows it,

Right from the start I gave you my heart.

I waited in line, but the show ended before it started….

How can I hold you when,
You ain’t even mine.

This much is the truth….

This is the sound of my soul….

I bought a ticket to the world…..
I guess that’s the way the story goes….
The kind of love that lasts forever,

Is sometimes lost, only to be heard,

In the lines of the next song.

What went wrong?


How did I come up with these lyrics above? I listened to some music on a radio station and when a lyric I liked was sung, I typed it down. The lyrics are all in the same order that I heard them and the only thing I did was to put a space between some of them just to break it up a little. It all depends on the mood that you're in as to how the poem goes.


... Paige said...

this is a form, that is to say this form has a poetic name. yeah I don't know the name. typically at the end it references the song and group/singer. it's ok to use but caution should be employed to avoid the reproduction/copy right issue.

You did a great job of assembling it.

you may also want to try "found poems" where in, for example, you take a newspaper artical and black out words and what is left is the poem.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Paige...there are way too many groups/singers to reference at the end because the reference list would be almost as long as the poem itself, but I do see your point about the copyright issue.

Thanks for your input. I knew I could count on you for pointers.