Saturday, May 02, 2009

I currently live in Madison County

I've been searching for a particular DVD movie to purchase and to add to my DVD collection. I told Jimmy that I was looking for The Bridges of Madison County and we have searched everywhere without any luck. Sharon told me to rent it, but I found it online this morning and it's on its way here and I'll be able to watch it in about a week.

I know that the main story line of the movie is not about covered bridges, but as I was searching for the movie I was reminded of the days when we used to take the kids and visit every covered bridge that we could find and photograph them. The pictures got misplaced sometime during our divorce and I have no idea where they might be. I may have them stored as slides....I'll have to check out the slides sometime to see if they are there.

Also on the day Jimmy and I got hit by a car, that ran a red light, we had just come from visiting a covered bridge somewhere in Harrison County. My big red bike was brand new then and it didn't have the training wheels on it...those came later when I decided I wanted to convert it to a trike since it was just gathering dust in the garage/building.

The picture of the covered bridge above was not taken in Kentucky. It's Humpback Bridge in Virginia. We were on a bike trip with Sharon & Scott and if you double click on the picture of the bridge you will see on the left side of the picture a person in red waving frantically to get my attention....that's Sharon.

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