Saturday, May 02, 2009

River Rafting...who is going

The family & friends pictured here are who we are planning on joining on an upcoming white water rafting trip. They're all pretty young so it should turn out to be lots of fun. We are all riding our bikes except for Megan who hasn't bought her own bike yet, so she will drive her car instead and you can bet that her mom Sharon will have that car packed down with lots of unnecessary stuff. hehehe

In the first picture is Scott and since he is very strong I expect him to do double duty and cover for my lack of muscle power while in the raft.

Next picture to the left is Megan & James (her boyfriend). They will also be going.

Since I just grabbed pictures that were handy I didn't find any pictures with everybody in one bear with me. The third picture, which has lined itself straight above, has everyone that is going, of course except for Me, Allison, James & Scott. In the picture from LR: Thalia, Megan, Sharon, Zac & Jimmy. Thalia, Megan & Zac are my grandchildren.

The last picture has Allison in it. She's the cute little blonde on the left wearing the yellow shorts, and she will also be joining us. She used to be Zac's girlfriend, but now they are just good friends. Pictured L-R: Allison, Sharon, Megan, Thalia & Zac.

So these are the young people Jimmy & I have to keep up with on our trip. We will leave very early that morning, travel for one whole day, sleep and then get up early the next morning for a 7 hour rafting trip down some raging river full of big rocks & boulders and fast rushing water that will be trying to smash us up against those big sharp rocks and drown us...and why are we going again???
Then we will sleep again and when I wake up the next morning I hope that I will be able to get on my bike and ride for another two days...that's why I'm counting on you Scott, because if I have to paddle & fight that raft then I will be too sore to move the next day, and you guys will just have to go on without me.

So blog buddies if this blog becomes silent for a while, it'll only be because the river got the best of me or that I was severely injured by one of those big rocks. In that case I'll be back.

*note....this trip is only in the planning stages, and even though reservations have been made it's not too late to back out.


JunieRose2005 said...

hahaha- You impress me with your bravery, Sandy!! :)

:) I know you'll have fun and be safe with so many people around who love you!


somershade said...

Those pictures make me want to go to the beach