Sunday, May 03, 2009

Andy Gibb- An Everlasting Love

Jimmy is watching Full Metal Jacket and I'm listening to music and watching the movie too...what a combination huh?
Jimmy was a Drill Sargeant in the Army and I still can't believe it, because he's never lifted his voice in anger to me...I can't even get him mad, nor will he argue with me. He said it was all an act...not our marriage but the drill instructor part. : )
When he was in the regular army in Korea, he drove a tank.

(Click on the title in red above to hear the song).


Rachel said...

Hadn't heard that song in forever.

Jimmy was a drill sargeant?? No way I would have thought that!! He must have really had to put on an act!! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel....You have to do what you have to do.


Anonymous said...

That song reminds me of middle school.But middle school is better than Full Medal Jacket:( Neither one sounds pleasant:)