Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cucoo's going on vacation...

Cucoo's tired of the rain here in Kentucky and has decided to take a little trip to find out where the sunshine went. First he takes one last trip around the yard to make sure that everything is fine and that the flowers are happy.

Cucoo is all packed and ready for his bike trip and his journey out West where he suspects he might be able to find Mr. Sun. He plans on bringing Mr. Sun back here to Kentucky with him when he returns, but before he goes he has to say goodbye to one of his good friends The Garden Snail, who is going to miss Cucoo very much while he's away.

Cucoo puts on his helmet and is just about ready to leave when he remembers that he hasn't said goodby to Mr. Sycamore. Mr. Sycamore tells Cucoo to be careful and to have a safe journey and if he sees any little acorns to pick one or two up for him because he'd really like to have some company out in the yard to talk too besides that old broken down Mr. Ash Tree. Cucoo doesn't make any promises but tells him that he'll do his best to find him some seedlings and may even surprise him with a big seed from the giant redwood forest that he's heard so much about. That way he'll have a BIG friend.

Cucoo makes one last round through the yard before he gets on his bike to leave. The Spiderwort flowers surround Cucoo and give him a BIG HUG and wish him well on his big journey to find Mr. Sun. Although the flowers love the rain, they'd also like to have Mr. Sun's company too.
"Goodbye Cucoo," they all shout, "Have a safe trip."

or is this the beginning?


... Paige said...

Redwoods, y'all going to CAleeeforneee? What a fun trip. Be sure to be safe and take pictures

Anonymous said...

I love his little red helmet.Have loads of fun little fella.

Susie said...

Is he on his way to blazing hot California! Please ask him to bring some rain for us!

Cheyenne said...

I hope he can bring some sunshine back to Pennsylvania too. You know...share the wealth?
He is so cute.