Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm extrememly happy today and pissed off too!

This is so sweet watch this.....I'm Never Gonna Let you Go
And this is so cool, makes me want to get us and dance...The Mean Kitty Song
I was really searching for THIS SONG to show Jimmy that it's not a song just made for the Michelin Man to sing about rubber tires in a TV commercial, but that it really is an old song, and of course one of my all time favorites. I think I say that about all of the songs that I like, don't I?

It's a another beautiful day here in Paradise. I'm supposed to be washing clothes getting ready for our trip and Jimmy is out washing both our bikes. I'd better get packing.

Oh, and of course you're probably wondering why I'm upset. Just got a call from the medical supply house where we order Jimmy's urostomy supplies from, and they said that they couldn't ship out last weeks order for Jimmy until he signed a paper. I asked them what he was supposed to do while we were mailing a piece of paper back & forth to each other since the order is already a week over-due in getting here, is he supposed to pee on the floor or what? We had some words and they've reconsidered and Jimmy's supplies are going to be over-nighted.

I hate getting upset! I need a HUG

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I think it is Rick Ashley.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I think you might be right Dennis.

... Paige said...