Friday, May 08, 2009

A nice day turned stormy and ended with a surprise

It all started so innocently with Megan asking Jimmy and I to join her in Richmond for lunch today.
Today (our granddaughter) Megan was working at the Richmond Bank instead of here at the Berea branch.

Although it was a little cloudy, it was a warm pretty day with the sun peeking out every once in a while, so Jimmy & I decided to ride our bikes to meet her at McDonald's. Sharon stopped by the house after a heart healthy run and she hopped up on the back of my bike and off the three of us went to go meet Megan.

Sharon took some videos of our ride over to Richmond using her cell phone and I suppose if she ever gets them off her phone they will be posted on facebook. She tried to send the first video she took, sight unseen, straight to facebook but the sending failed and I was kind of glad of that because I really would like to see the video first before it's published for all the world to see. No telling what I might have been saying, or worse, what my hair might have looked like. Us girls always worry about our hair and that's why I had Sharon cut mine off so that I wouldn't have that worry anymore, but I never expected that the person sitting behind me would be blocking my vision with a cell phone in front of my face. All kidding aside, Sharon really is a lot of fun to be around. She's a lot like I was but a whole lot prettier.
After lunch Sharon had a couple errands to run. The second errand was to go find that bike she wants next. She has a new bike right's a beautiful 1300 red's a Honda and don't ask me for anymore details because I don't know. I just know that it's beautiful.
<<--- She was looking for this bike, but the one in red.
We went to two shops and found one in Lexington, but it was the wrong was a silver gray color, but it was still pretty. This gray bike is also a 1300 but it doesn't look as bulky as her present bike, and it had that big tire on the back and the front forks were raked out a little. Well you can see it for yourself, so I don't really know why I'm describing it to you. Just double click on the picture to get a better look at it. Sharon even had the salesman take the bike outside of the showroom and start it up so that she could listen to the pipes, which of course didn't pass the sound test and must be the first things changed.

While I was taking pictures of Sharon using my cell phone it started raining. We couldn't get her off that bike, so Jimmy & I just went and got our bikes and drove up to where she was and the salesman pulled her off the bike and lead her over to the back seat of my bike. We had one more stop to make in Lexington, but as we approached the red light Jimmy, who was behind me, turned on his right turn signal, which meant, "we better go this way." He was looking at the dark clouds and he knew that we should head for home, so I followed his lead. (How can you follow someone's lead when they are behind you?)

We left Lexington just in the nick of time. Any more time spent in Lexington and we would have been caught in the 70-80 mph winds that soon followed. It sprinkled on & off on our way home which was only about 45 miles away. I didn't take my usual scenic route but hurried to get us home and when we were home and safely inside we heard the tornado warning sirens go off. It wasn't long til the loud cracking of thunder started so I unplugged my computers and one of the TVs...I don't know why just one, but I think I just got side tracked. You know, one of those senior moments I guess :)

The wind blew hard and I didn't know that large trees could bend down and touch the ground so easily. For just a short time we had that lakeside property we had always dreamed about. We didn't have any hail at our house although my daughter Suzanne said that they got hailed on and then she told me that Matt's fire station was no longer standing. It got hit by a tornado and the only fatality was Matt's TV set which he had taken to work....and of course all of their fire & rescue trucks and equipment. Matt got off duty at 7 A.M. this morning so he wasn't at the fire station.

There were several tornados in Madison county this afternoon and quite a bit of property damage. The road I avoided taking on our way home was hit hard and the highway that I took had cars & trucks blown off the road by the strong winds right after we had exited from it. Although it's still raining hard we haven't gone outside to check for any damage to the house. The trees are all fine, nothing broken. I don't think we were in any real danger at our house other than from lightning which sounded awfully loud and very close.

Earlier today as we were getting our bikes ready to ride the mail truck pulled into the driveway and handed me a package. I was expecting my movie today, but the movie didn't arrive. Instead I got a lovely surprise from Jerry. He had put together hundreds of songs and compiled a set of 8 music CD's. I love listening to music and when my other computer crashed I lost all of my itunes music, so this was a lovely surprise and since the music is already backed up with CD's I won't lose this music. Thank you very much Jerry, you're such a sweetheart!

Sharon just called. She said she posted the videos on facebook. I better go check them out and if figure out a way to link them here I will.

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Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun riding behind you.You were the sunshine in my day.AN even bigger storm blew in between me and Megan.Those bring the worse damage to my heart.
I love a new day.