Sunday, May 10, 2009

We woke up with a BANG!!!

We woke up with a BANG! on Mother's Day!
I had gotten up about an hour earlier to let the cats out and then came back to bed and fell asleep. Just as Jimmy and I were beginning to open our eyes the bed suddenly broke and fell to the floor on Jimmy's side of the bed. The first thought that ran through my mind was thank goodness there wasn't a cat under there! And after the initial shock of the bed breaking beneath us we began to laugh hysterically, because this shouldn't have happened to us...not us! We weren't moving, we just opened our eyes. and I guess that was all the movement this old bed could take. I immediately began ribbing Jimmy about bouncing too much on his side of the bed and he blamed it on me, because I won't stay over on my side of the bed. I can't help it...I just need more room than he does.
Of course it was just what Jimmy needed on this nice Sunday morning, another job to do. Something else to repair and I'm sure he was looking forward to it like you look forward to a bad toothache...and especially on Sunday morning with company coming over soon.
Jimmy got right to work, brought in the necessary tools and fixed it. He even made the bed when he was finished. Isn't he a good boy?
You may have noticed this cat in the first picture. This is Fart Head (her real name is Princess Pinky) but she answers to Fart Head these days. Jimmy removed her from the bed but as you can see, she didn't stay removed for long. Just as soon as he turned his back she was right on top of that toppled mattresses.

So this is how my Mother's Day began this morning....with loud laughter! Life is Good.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy's helper was sleeping on the job or was the job making her sleepy.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the kitty.We know you just take pictures:) lol

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hey, hey hey...I help sometimes. I helped move the box springs around, ask Suzanne she was here. :)

Alipurr said...

funny kitty
good thing you guys can laugh and blog about stuff like this, ha ha
love how he made the bed with a kitty :)