Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day full of surprises

The first thing that Jimmy did this morning was to wash each of our bikes. The bikes were still carrying dirt & sand from our trip out West. He changed the oil yesterday and checked out the tires and decided that we didn't need new tires just yet. We always put new tires on the bikes each year. Of course my training wheels are still the original wheels because they just won't wear out and that's a good thing, but my main tires wear out yearly.

The second surprise of the day was this waterlily. About an hour after I took this picture the second bloom opened up. You can see the bud to the right of this pink bloom.

The third surprise was that I caught Jybow hunting for moles. You can see where the mole has been digging holes in the grass and while I was standing there taking the picture the mole was actively pushing the soil up and down near Jybow's head. Jybow was pretending that she didn't care anything about the mole so that the mole would pop up & out of the ground, and then she would pounce on it and bring it to Jimmy. Jybow is Jimmy's cat.

Megan, Me, Sharon
3 Generations of biker ladies

The fourth surprise of the day was that Megan, Sharon & Zac came over for Megan's first motorcycle ride with us today. Apparently while we were gone on our trip Megan was practicing her riding skills. She had taken a motorcycle riding class at Eastern Kentucky University last semester and passed the class, and as a result of passing the class she got her motorcycle license. That's exactly how I got my license too except that my class was only three days long and Megan's was a whole semester.

We had an agenda today. Zac needed a new helmet. The day was overcast, very hot and it seemed as if the sky could open up and drop a load of rain down on us at any moment. Jimmy really didn't want to take the bikes out especially since he just cleaned them up, but he came anyway. We made it to the motorcycle shop without a drop of rain falling on us, but.......

...while we were inside trying on helmets, coats, gloves, sun glasses, etc. etc, the sky burst forth and let loose. The weather alert alarm sounded in the shop alerting all the bikers that they should stay put and continue to shop until the storm passes. We looked at everything but the rain was relentless and it seemed like it was never going to stop. The black clouds didn't look good and neither did the lightning, so we stayed inside until there was nothing left to see.

Then we waited outside by the wall with all of our names on it.

Jimmy met a new friend while we waited.

We took pictures of ourselves while we waited.

Jimmy tried on Zac's new Col.Clink (from Hogan's Hero's) helmet and we decided that it looked better on Zac.

Megan being new at riding had to have a massage along the way. I being old at riding had to have those same massages en route to Arizona & Nevada.... I know your pain Megan.

Here we are. We were a group of five and we're each standing by our bikes. You just can't see me because I'm standing next to the red bike.

Still waiting for the rain to stop and taking pictures.

Me and my grandson Zac

Jimmy is bringing over's his new cap! He loves his new baseball cap and he has to show it off to everyone. Ron gave it to him while we were visiting. I think David & Jerry saw it, then Allison & Jason, then Dennis & Laurel, then Suzanne & Sharon and now Zac is being honored by getting to see Jimmy's new cap.

Here's a closer look at his Roadkill Cafe baseball cap.

Megan and her mother Sharon

Another way that we killed time waiting for the rain to stop.

We left Megan's motorcycle at the leather shop and she got behind me on the trike and we went to a restaurant to eat and wait for the rain to stop, and the road to dry off, before we could allow Megan to get back on her bike. Since she is a new rider we couldn't take the chance on her getting hurt or sliding around in the rain. Of course her visibility was also a main concern to all of us. We had to keep our baby safe.


Rachel said...

Hi Sandy!! The family that bikes together stays together??

You have a lovely family and they are such a good looking bunch!! I love them all leaning against the wall with their right legs behind them on the wall! Cool photos!! I'm glad you take such precautions with Megan riding.

I'm so glad you got to take that trip and see some of your family you hadn't seen in a long time. Don't let Jimmy move you west though!! You are right, KY is a beautiful place, and KY would miss you and Jimmy if you moved away!!

I'll bet your cats were glad to see you both, even if they acted like they weren't!!

The water lillies are so beautiful!! said...

A great surprise of great photos compliment a nice day.

Anonymous said...

i will have to steal your great shots, thanks.
We all had fun, Megan kept talking about it on the way to church and back.