Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A lighter Shade of Blue....

L-R: Diane, Tiffany, Me, David, Jo Lynn, Jerry & Pat

I received an email from my sister Diane and she sent me all of these pictures which I am sharing with everyone today. I'm feeling a much lighter shade of blue today after hearing from Diane. It's always nice to get an email from her inviting us to come visit her in good ole sunny California. Sharon & I have been planning to fly out there later on this summer, the date is still open to visit my baby brother Gilbert & his wife Jenny, so I may stop in to visit Diane and her family while we are so near. I'm sure Sharon won't mind the stop as Sharon is always eager to meet members of my family.

For those of you that don't blog, you can always double click on any pictures to enlarge them so that you can see them better.

Tiffany, Pat, Me, David, Gladys, Jo Lynn, Jerry

This second picture is almost identical to the first except that one person has jumped in and another jumped out. Someone has to take the picture and this time there were no strangers wandering around the parking lot outside that we could ask. :)
Ronnie, Jimmy & Yvonne are also missing from the picture because Ron & Jimmy drove back to Nevada for a couple of days of fun in the sun together, and Yvonne had to pick up her other two grandchildren, Annabell & Zac.

These two brothers of mine are always picking on each other and laughing. It was so much fun being around them but our time together was much too short. I would have loved to have gotten tired of them before I made my trip back home to Kentucky. Well, this way I'll have something to look forward to.

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