Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet the rest of my family....

L-R: (brother)David, (stepmom)Gladys, Me, (brother)Ron & (brother)Jerry

First of all I have to mention that there were two family members missing that Jimmy & I didn't get to see, and that was my baby brother Gilbert & his wife Jenny. I hope to get to see them later on this year if all goes as planned.

My brothers & sister Diane are a barrel of laughs to be around and I never laughed so much in all of my life. I had forgotten how much fun it was to be around them all and it could become habit forming. And I even discovered that their wives are even funnier than they are! LOL. Yvonne really cracked me up when she wasn't busy taking care of grandchildren.

Jerry, (sister)Diane, Me, David.
Diane drove all the way in from California to see us.

Don't know who these two are...

Jo Lynn & Ron drove in from Arizona.

Ron's granddaughter Sara with Lola & Poncho,
our favorite pooches!!!

Pat & Jerry

Roxanna & Ron, Jr.

We went fishing at a lake in Williams, Arizona
with Ron, Jo Lynn, Sara, Ron Jr., Roxanna.
Jimmy & Sara were the only two who caught
any fish.

Pat & Jerry

Yvonne & David

My new sister Jo & Me

This is Zack.
We met his mom Stacey and his dad Tim briefly
before they left for St.Louis,
and I didn't get a picture of them.

Having breakfast

Laurel, Allison, Me, Jimmy

Dennis aka Tomas

Me, Natasha, Eliana, Jimmy, Talon
(Dennis & Laurel's grandchildren)

Allison, Me, Natasha

Our trip West was so much fun that I can't begin to tell you all about it right now and will from time to time post more pictures and tell you about all of the things that Jimmy & I did with the family while out in Arizona, Nevada and YES Kentucky too. Jimmy even let me gamble away a whole dollar, but I lost it all at the slot machines. Oh well, we all can't be so lucky!

Did I mention that I rode my own bike all the way to Nevada and back? That was quite a feat for me and my shoulders are still just a tiny little bit sore.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures of our trip.

3 comments: said...

A remarkably nice post reflecting your visit west. Loved all the photos. To me it feels good seeing them just in photos.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dennis...I can hardly believe that we were there face to face with them laughing and having so much fun as if no time had elapsed at all.
I can't wait to see each and everyone of them again. I've really missed them...more than you'll ever know.

ICECAZ Productions said...

Hello Family