Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ball Family Reunion

Today we spent the afternoon at the Ball Family Reunion which was held in a beautiful country setting in Cartersville, Kentucky. I've always been fond of Cartersville because this is where I chose to build my dream house at one time, among the wild turkey, deer and rattle snakes far from any towns and in perfect seclusion.

I wasn't prepared for the reunion because we had completely forgotten about it so when I turned on my camera, the battery was dead. So if you want to see pictures you will have to go HERE to see last years pictures. I never even thought to use the camera on my cell phone until just this very moment.

It was a beautiful day with just the perfect temperature for a gathering. This year there was an abundance of babies and very young children so we are assuming that someone must have slipped something into the lemonade at last years gathering. LOL Jimmy's granddaughter's alone were responsible for 3 of those babies this year bringing the total to five great-grandchildren for our family. We still have five more grandchildren who are childless but they still have plenty of time...some of them need to grow up first and then get married, so there's no hurry.

Getting back to the reunion....
We had three people missing this year. My best friend Lucy who died of bone cancer earlier this year and who was Jimmy's cousin; Jimmy's brother Elmer Lee; and his sister Alice who we all called "Sis." I'm sure they were all looking down at us and smiling.

All in all everyone had a good time although the gathering seemed smaller this year. I forgot to remind Brian, Sharon & Suzanne's family of the reunion, but it's because I forgot all about it myself.


... Paige said...

ya know my Beloved has an Aunt that is married to a guy who is a Ball they live in GA
and we have been to this guy's place in Bullard TX

but I have not asked them...Is Lucy is your Family Tree somewhere :^}

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Ya know Paige we might be related...scary thought huh?

Our Lucille Ball was not THEE Lucille Ball of TV comedy.

somershade said...

we were missing this year cuz this is the first I heard of number is 200-5131 lol