Saturday, July 18, 2009

Megan makes if official

Granddaughter Megan bought her own very first bike yesterday and now doesn't have to beg or borrow anyone else to ride their bike....cause she has her very own.

Megan & friend Beth who went rafting with us, both bought bikes a day apart. Beth is on her yellow bike and Megan on her blue one. Have fun girls, but be very careful!


... Paige said...

Wow those are pretty bikes...glad to see the helments

Meg said...

hehe its soo much fun, glad to see me make the fab. blog!! my very own heheh love you!!

Rachel said...

Great looking bikes and young ladies. Now if those biker dudes will stay away from them!! Heehee

I do hope they are very careful and never let their guard down while riding and always wear helmets.

Don't you just love this cooler weather!! It's great!!!