Friday, July 31, 2009

T is for....

Yesterday morning, after a hard all night rain, Jimmy came into the house and asked me to come outside to see a cute little tarpon in the front yard.
See how small it is?
I found several once about the size, or maybe just a tad bitter than quarters, digging their way out of the mounds of our potato patch. They were still dragging their umbilical cords that's how young they were.

While I was rushing out the door to pick up the little tarpon, Jimmy was telling me to look over to the left in front of the flag pole.
My first thought was, today is a day for turtles. This was a larger turtle and one that likes to bite so that's why Jimmy is holding it by the tail.
Here's a closer look at the turtle.

"I see you found my shy little friend.
He lives back there in the vegetable garden," said Mr. Sycamore.

Of course I didn't take the tarpon to the tomato patch, but put him in a nice place among the hostas and flowers. The larger turtle was heading towards the creek behind our house, so Jimmy just carried him back there and turned him loose. We didn't want to leave the turtle in the yard because we were afraid that one of the cats might get hurt if they got too close to the turtle's mouth.

We need one of those road signs in front of our house that says, Turtle Crossing.


Alipurr said...

my kids are going to love seeing pics of those turtles :). I always like seeing what's going on in your yard! Lots of fun said...

Are all the small turtles going to be like the big one