Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nicholasville Church of God has new Youth Minister

My daughter Sharon was named the Youth Minister at the Nicholasville Church of God in Nicholasville, Kentucky last Sunday. She found out by reading the church's newsletter...WOW! I bet that was a nice surprise. Sharon is so dedicated and has given her life to Christ, and loves children so I know she will make a wonderful Youth Minister.
Sharon is in the process of creating a blog for the youth which she has appropriately named 4:12 Youth Group Blog. Go over and visit her new blog and feel free to leave comments.

The Youth Minister rides a Hyabusa


somershade said...

Thanks mom your support really means alot to me.And supporting Meg through these test means alot to both of us. Welove you and thanks your the best mom in the world.

Alipurr said...

congrats to sharon, love you