Friday, August 14, 2009


My grandson Matt

The other day while I was over visiting Suzanne, Matt came over from his house and was looking in his dad's locked gun safe and found his Blow-darts. TO MY SURPRISE I was told that I had bought these blow-darts for him & for Zac one day when we had taken the boys to the Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky several years ago when the boys were young. Of course Suzanne had immediately taken Matt's away from him and locked it up in the gun safe and Zac apparently hid his and no one was the wiser.

I couldn't believe that I had bought these dangerous looking metal blow darts for the boys and while I was expressing no knowledge of them, Matt was smiling that kind of smile that you know he's hiding something and I immediately knew by that smile of his, that the boys had bought them with money that Jimmy & I had given them for spending money and hid them from us too knowing that we wouldn't have allowed them to keep them either. The 12 metal darts are approximately 6 inches in length and are needle thin and sharp and could really hurt someone. I wouldn't buy these for an adult now, so I certainly would not have bought them for my two young grandsons.

Matt demonstrated how to use the dart gun and the darts stuck into the tree trunk without any effort at all. With that little demonstration his mom took the blow-darts away from him once again and we could hear Matt in the background saying to his mom,
"Mom, I'm 22 years old, I can buy real guns that shoot real bullets, I'm married and I own my own house and you still won't let me have my blow darts...I can't believe that!"
To which his mom answered back,
"You can't have it because you might accidentally hit Tori with it." Tori is Matt's wife.

So the blow-darts remain locked up in his dad's gun safe for safe keeping....

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