Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hanging out with my son, grandson & d.i.l.

Reva, Brandon, Brian & Jimmy



After visiting with Brian & Reva one day this week we went and picked up Brandon from school....not his school, but the school where he makes a bus change. Here in the south sometimes schools share buses, and high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools have to share the same buses. Because the buses go from one school to another picking up children of all ages, it takes Brandon over an hour to get home from school. Being a country boy and living in the deep woods Brandon's high school is about 15 miles from his home.
By picking up Brandon at one of the school stops we saved ourselves another hour of waiting for him to come home....I was getting hungry. hehehe. Brandon is always on the look out for his parents at each stop just in case something comes grandma & grandpa Jimmy coming to visit.
Here are some of the buses that have arrived to pick up more children. Here the children from all the schools get into the bus that is going their way, and will take them home. Brandon's bus picks him up & drops him off right at his driveway.

It was nice spending an afternoon visiting with my son Brian and his family. I wanted to invite them to eat with us at one of my favorite buffets which I knew would please all of them. We weren't doing anything at home but sitting around talking to the cats anyway, and Jimmy had also picked a whole sack of banana peppers from our weedy garden that he wanted to give to them. They love deep fried banana peppers almost as much as we do.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon with them although we hadn't seen them in a little while. Brian has been busy tearing out the old wooden bridge that his dad & I had built in 1975. In fact Brian said that Doug did most of the physical labor in tearing out the bridge. They replaced it with a new bridge. The nails in the boards of the old torn out bridge were what Sharon stepped on when she stepped on a nail this week, the day before Jerry & Pat's visit. Poor Sharon.

Brian said that all the the treated lumber from the old bridge was still good except for two of the 2x6's and they were broken. He plans on using the old lumber on another project. Brian is busy with cleanup around his house and improving and leveling up the driveway. Doug has been hauling all of the scrap metal to the scrap yard and burning all burnables. There's a major cleanup going on out there which I am very happy to see. Doug has been helping out his dad all summer with mowing, weed-eating and anything that needs to be done. It makes me very happy to see father & son working together so well. Doug is doing great and looks great too and I'm very proud of him for turning his life around. GO DOUG!!!


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I'm glad you got to spend some more time with brian and family.Good for you! said...

Nice posts Sandy.