Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creating jobs....

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see a job that needs taken care of in our state. What do you see? Your answer should be, "too many electric, phone & cable lines."

No wonder everyone's electricity gets knocked out every time we have an ice storm. It's about time someone starts working on this problem and hires people to bury all of the lines. We have enough over head lines that we could put everyone to work that needs a job in Kentucky.

Mr. Obama send us some of that stimulus money so that we can put people to work here in Kentucky, so that I can take pictures of our beautiful landscape. Send the money to the companies and tell them that it's only to be used to bury all the over head lines.


Rachel said...

He's too busy doing Cash for Clunkers and trying to pass the health plan! The birds are against doing away with the electric lines. Where would they perch and gossip and drop poo onto cars???

Do you still have all the kittens? They are so cute!! No, I really don't need any more, but they are adorable!! said...

The energy and telephone companies can do that with their profits now if they want to.
They picked up all the tree limbs in Western Kentucky from the ice storm with stimulus money. Repaired a washed out road in town - cleared, cleaned, added picnic benches, cooking areas, created an overlook and mowed Dam 50 so it looks like a state park with stimulus money.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tomas...The jobs you mentioned (clearing downed trees) are now done and would have been done regardless of stimulus money. People over here just whip out their chainsaws and get to work cleaning up the downed trees whether they get stimulus money or not. It's just what we do here in the south.

Now that your jobs are done they need to fund more jobs. How about the one million new port inspectors that I have been asking for, and the one million food inspectors??? I don't mind funding jobs like these and especially since we are allowing so many unchecked shipments into our country that are potentially dangerous or unsafe.