Monday, August 17, 2009

A Simple Song

A Simple Song
Is like the glow of a firefly
I hear you
And when I hear your voice I smile and light up
With the nice soft glow of a firefly.
I feel warm inside when I hear your name
And I know that everyone can see
Just how much I care.

You’re not just a vision
A figment of my imagination.
You’re the dream that I have held onto for so long
That no one could ever erase, nor replace.
I kept you tightly locked deep within my heart.
Larger than life itself,
You burn within my soul.

We keep memories tightly tucked away, locked up
Even hidden away from ourselves.
Afraid to let them out
Fearful that our dreams might not even be real.
But when the time is right we take them out
We examine our hearts and think of what might have been.
Then we safely tuck our dreams away
Tuck them safely into that place where all dreams are kept
Locked up safely deep within our hearts.

Like the glow of a firefly ring I gave you my heart
And I wore it until the light burned out
Until it became nothing but a memory
A memory that never really lost its glow
A memory I keep safely tucked away
Locked safely and out of sight.

Like the flickering glow of fireflies
In mid summer night grasses
My thoughts often drift away to those days
Those days of innocence.

A simple song without a melody
Is like a firefly without wings.

A simple song without a melody
Is like a firefly without its glow.

A firefly without its glow
Is like heaven without you in it.

Yes I wrote this poem and if you click on the title you can read part of my "never ending poem."
When I say, "part" it's because it's not finished...that's why I call it my never ending poem.

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