Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crawling with kittens

This former cat hater doesn't look like he's hating a minute of being covered over with kittens does he?

When I first met Jimmy he didn't like cats or kittens and boy he's come a long way since those days. He loved dogs and had a little dog named PJ that he adored and whom adored Jimmy. After little PJ died I convinced Jimmy that an orange kitten named Jybow was the reincarnation of PJ. The kitten fetched, and loved to play with PJ's favorite toys, so it wasn't too awfully hard in convincing Jimmy that Jybow was in fact PJ. Jybow appeared on our door step right after PJ died too and formed an instant bond with Jimmy. What more proof do you need than that???
So the love between Jimmy & Jybow began and now Jimmy doesn't meet a kitten that he doesn't like.
And of these five new kittens, one of the kittens has chosen Jimmy once again. It's that gray & white kitten laying on top in the second picture. Jimmy has even gone as far as naming it Buster. When Buster could barely crawl he crawled to Jimmy and now that he runs, he runs to Jimmy when he hears Jimmy's voice. Buster has turned into one tiny lap cat.

In case you're wondering...that little white kitten laying next to Buster is Petey. Petey likes to hug the other kittens when he sleeps, and he looks just like his mother.

We have this little problem at our house now...
Not wanting to cause the mother cat any undue stress we need to keep one of the kittens and I say it should be Petey and Jimmy says that it should be Buster because Buster, although being litter trained won't eat solid food yet. I say that it might be too stressful on Buster if all of his playmates are gone, so Petey should stay behind to play with Buster.

What do you think? Should we keep all of the kittens?

*Top picture of Jimmy & kittens taken by Jerry


tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

This post will help those wanting a kitten or a mouser for their farm. Keep them for a month more then find them homes.
In Western Kentucky we have cats ready to mouse in your barn and one kitten for your lap to give away.

JunieRose2005 said...

hahaha-yah Sandy- why cause any un-needed stress to anyone!

Keep them all!;)