Monday, August 03, 2009

Just ordinary everyday stuff

Today was spent doing yard work. We mowed the grass, pulled some weeds and Jimmy trimmed some lower branches from the Sycamore Tree and he also weed-eated the whole yard. I did a little house cleaning as well and that's unusual for me on such a beautiful sunny day. We usually save those house cleaning chores, like vacuuming or mopping the floors, for the rainy days when we have to be inside anyway.

My cat Princess Pinky moved her kittens again yesterday, this time to the living room so we could all enjoy them. They'll be 4 weeks old in a few days and will soon begin to start eating some dry kitten food. They're just beginning to play and can barely keep their balance and are still very wobbly on their feet. We've never had 5 (very cute & cuddly) baby kittens in the house before. We once let one mean mother cat keep two kittens in here and it was a disaster. She beat up Jybow & Princess P every time they looked at her or her kittens or she caught them asleep, so we vowed never to do that again...but here we are with five kittens. The difference here is that Princess Pinky is being very nice to Jybow and Jybow is allowed to look at her babies anytime she wants. The problem is that Jybow was trained so well to stay away from kittens that she won't go near them and only sneaks peeks at them from a distance....a very far distance.

Hopalong aka Catzilla needs a dental appointment with the vet. Today as I was sitting with her at the picnic table I noticed that her bottom right tooth was sticking straight out of her mouth. Jimmy tried to wiggle it, but the cat quickly pulled away so the tooth is still attached. I'm hoping that she'll just finish the job herself and lose it during the night. I'm going to give it a couple of days before I make an appointment with the vet. No sense paying a big vet bill when the tooth might just fall out on its own.

So how was your day? Anything unusual or exciting happen? I know it has to be more exciting than my day. The only exciting thing that happened to me today was that my cell phone rang while I was near the riding mower and when I moved away to answer it, I stepped in a big gooey glop of mud and missed the call. It was funny and gave me something to laugh at, but not nearly as much as the phone call did.

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We spent Tuesday at Natasha's home in Murray.