Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rain Rain Rain / Brandon & Jessi

It is raining here and from what I hear on the local news station is that we can expect lots of rain. It rained nearly the whole month of July, which is usually one of our dry months, and now August is beginning the same way with lots of rain. The temperatures have been nice but I could use less rain myself and I'm sure that Jimmy will second that.

I read on FB that Brandon has 4/5 of his classes with his girlfriend Jessi. They both are in accelerated advanced classes, so I know he'll be really happy in high school now and especially since Jessi will be right there with him. Nothing like having your sweetheart by your side. Now they can really study together. Brandon & Jessi are both Freshmen/9th graders and are both smart kids. I recently took them to a movie because they are both still much too young to date on their own. If you missed reading that post, you can read about it HERE.

Not much else happening here but the day is still young.

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