Tuesday, August 04, 2009

light in the midst of the storm

We saw the sky lighten up and quickly went outside to enjoy a little sunshine. It had rained all morning, so when we noticed that it had stopped, out the door we went. Our time outside was short lived...we were again driven back inside by this quickly approaching humongous, big black cloud. It brought with it wind, loud cracks of thunder and more heavy down-pours...just what we needed more of. I think all of our water sheds are over-flowing.

When the first rains of the day stopped and the sun came out, Jybow peeked out of her house to see if it was dry enough to come out. This was before the arrival of the big black cloud and the storm that followed. I think I actually woke her up when I was walking by on my way to look at the watergarden...I could see the lillies from the dining room window.

Since Jimmy took the turtle out of the watergarden pool, the waterlily's are beginning to grow again and we are seeing a few blooms. I haven't seen any other color yet. I'm hoping that the turtle didn't eat all of them.
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Despite all the rain we had this morning & through the night, there wasn't a drop of rain on any of the leaves as I took these pictures of the Giant Hibiscus flowers. I can see a few raindrops inside the flower when I enlarge it though. It wasn't hot, but just a perfect day with a very nice comfortable temperature, and it was nice being outside.

There's Jimmy pulling off old dead blooms from the Giant Hibiscus plants. You need long arms to be able to reach em....I did say that they were GIANT Hibiscus plants didn't I? They're usually taller and I thought they loved water, but I guess I was wrong. They've had more rain this year than ever and are shorter.

All I had time to do was take these pictures and then that big black cloud came by and chased us back inside. So here I am waiting for the rain to stop.

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