Monday, September 14, 2009

Bheema-Muthal Mazhai enai

Even with the language barrier DEEPAK's film is very clear. What I'd give to be in my twenties again. It's to bad we don't get do-overs in our lives, but then I wouldn't be where I am right now. Life does manage to come full circle in the end anyway. Did I mention that you have to click on the highlighted words in the first sentence?

I'm feeling nostalgic today and I guess a little old. Is it wrong to want to be young again and take those chances you let slip by because you were afraid of the outcome? Well, I can't go back and that's, as they say, "water under the bridge" now. Life is what it is and it's good, or as well as it can be, so I'm going to stop day dreaming and get back to the real world as it is today.

Today we found a home for four of our five kittens and they will be leaving on Thursday. The fifth kitten is Petey and he's not going anywhere. Jimmy has a doctor's appointment today and is there right now. I'm hoping the doctor will do some tests or x-rays. It's not Jimmy's usual doctor, but his old family doctor which he hasn't seen for a couple of years or longer. We lose track of years at this age and I've found that when I say, "a couple of years ago," it's actually more like 5 or 6 years ago.

Dennis is at a conference in North Carolina and staying in a beautiful lake front resort. He'll be there for a couple more days and is planning on driving up to see us on his way home and staying over-night. It'll be nice to see him again.

UPDATE: Jimmy is now back home and the doctor ordered a cat scan of his chest, abdomen & pelvis w/contrast, and suspects that part of Jimmy's problem might be his kidney stones, so he's also checking those out. The cat scan will be done very early Thursday morning.

Jimmy was feeling better after having a fever while on vacation, but his left side has been giving him some pain for the last couple of days now. The pain is more in the area just below his left armpit (left upper flank) and it must be bad because he's the one who decided that he needed to see his doctor. That's really unusual for Jimmy because I usually have to threaten him within an inch of his life before he'll see a doctor, and then you still have to drag him there kicking and screaming, lol. I had tried to talk him into seeking medical attention while on vacation but he refused, so I guess he's really feeling worse.

Note to Jimmy's daughters: Your dad rode his motorcycle to the doctor's office for his appointment, around town and to Richmond, so please don't worry too much...he's going to be fine.


... Paige said...

I'm sure Jimmy will be fine.
I sorta of the school if I could know what I know now in a more youthful body then yeah---do over or more like do more :-)

Anonymous said...

Let us know when Dennis is there and keep us posted about Jimmy.