Monday, September 14, 2009


Jimmy, Sandy, Ron, Jo

Who knew that such an innocent looking group would be spending so much time behind bars. All we wanted was to have fun on our vacation, but something went terribly wrong. I think it was just a wrong turn, and maybe Jo should have turned right when she went left, on that lonely desert highway.

Oh NO!!! How did Lola & Poncho get behind bars?
They don't look too happy. I think they want out
and are planning their escape.

Oh my gosh....where is he marching us off too? He can't be serious.
"We're innocent!!!" we all shout. "It's a case of mistaken identity."
"Don't we even get a trial?"

somebody please help us!"

As we were marched to the gallows, one by one with our hands tied behind our backs, we thought we were goners for sure. But then Lola & Poncho came to save the day. They had escaped from their prison walls and quickly chewed through our ropes enabling us make our escape. We fled in the van that Lola & Poncho had waiting for us.

Now we're WANTED TOURISTS with a small bounty on our heads.

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