Saturday, September 12, 2009

a couple souvenirs from our trip

Here are two things we picked up for ourselves while on the streets of Seligman, Arizona on old Route 66. Jimmy bought himself a sign to hang in his motorcycle building and I bought myself this beautiful Indian necklace. Jimmy is always on the look out for unusual signs but seldom buys himself anything...he just picks them up, reads them and if he finds something really interesting he'll call me over to take a look. I then tell him to buy it, but as I said before, he never does. It's usually me who has to go back and buy it for him, but this time he agreed to go ahead and buy it. With my insistence he also bought a large Route 66 road sign, which he has wanted since he first saw them years ago.
This year for the first time I decided to be a little daring and bought myself some low cut blouses and this necklace fills in the empty space nicely. I always wanted an Indian necklace and now I have one. I think it's pretty.

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