Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm listening to music

While my computer is scanning itself for virus' I'm listening to some music. I love music and especially love songs. I'm a romantic at heart and have some wonderful memories to draw from.

Today we went to visit Jimmy's baby brother, Butch and his wife Ruth. Tony, their son was also there and as always Butch had some hair raising stories to make all of us laugh. Ruth is my age and was laying down when we got there. She has been suffering with Shingles and I feel for her. I've heard that they're painful and I know that there is a shot you can take so that you don't get them. I think I'll look into it soon. Shingles is not something I'm looking forward to catching and you can catch them if you have had Chicken Pox sometime in your past.

Our Sunday has been very nice. It started with an early morning phone call from Dennis & Laurel. Dennis was getting ready to leave on his trip to North Carolina and apparently he never did talk Laurel into going along with him. As I understood Dennis, the convention or meeting would be held in some resort in the Smokey Mountains and the best part about this trip is that it's free. I hope that Dennis has fun and has a safe trip and I can't wait to see him when his meeting is over. He said he would be stopping by to see us sometime around Wednesday.

Alf is on TV...gotta go. Have a nice Sunday and please relax, enjoy the day and try not to think about having to go to work tomorrow.


Cheyenne said...

I had shingles last year after a stressful time when our basement flooded and everything down there was ruined. The shingles lasted a month; they weren't painful but were itchy. I never had chicken pox that I can remember but apparently I did at one time and my mom neglected to tell me when I got older. My doctor said there is a shot and he recommended I still get one because I could get another case of shingles. Yuck. Mine broke out at four different spots on my left side and thank goodness not on my face, just my back, arm and chest.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Cheyenne...did you know that a case of Shingles can last up to a year? That would be awful.

Cheyenne said...

I was semi-miserable for a little over a month with the effects; it took awhile longer for the "scars" of the blisters to go away and there is no indication now that I ever had shingles. I guess I am one of the luckier ones...for now.