Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dennis visits Berea & leaves with a kitten...gotcha!

My brother Dennis was attending a conference in nearby North Carolina, and on his way home he stopped by for a visit. All of us were very happy to see him (in person). We email and keep in touch with him on an almost daily basis, but being able to see and hug him in person is very special to me and to the rest of the family. The kids all came over to see their Uncle Dennis and we all had a wonderful time laughing and exchanging stories. And I have to mention that we took him to Papaleno's to eat because Dennis said he loved pizza.

While Dennis was packing up his things and putting them in his van, he had a little follower who kept following him around and trying to get into his luggage. The little kitten would sit staring up at Dennis begging him to take him home with him, and you know what? It worked. Dennis drove off with Tom (who is pictured above in his favorite scandals). I think Laurel has a pair of these same scandals at home, so Tom should feel right at home at their house.

Tom is a very deceiving name for this little kitten, but I thought it was a tomcat when we gave it the name. I guess she'll get a new name once Laurel finds out she's a girl. We did tell Dennis that Tom was a girl kitty, but Dennis didn't care what the sex of the kitten was...he was taking her anyway.

Dennis will have to come back to visit us soon now, because he took our large cat carrier with him to transport Tom home. We'll be looking forward to seeing Dennis & Laurel soon....and if that's not possible we'll just have to meet Dennis halfway on his next conference trip.

This is Princess Pinky with Petey. Petey is now the only kitten remaining at our house and he was 9 weeks old yesterday. Petey looks almost exactly like its momma and is a very sweet and cuddly kitten. I'm not 100% sure if Petey is a tomcat or not, but we can pretend he is for Jimmy's sake.

2 comments: said...

I love the photo of Petey in the shoe. It fits her fine. We renamed Tom To Thomasina or Thom. (Tom.) which is short for Tomasina. A lot of compromises.
I enjoyed my trip and I am full and my sack are full of to do lists.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

In this post it's Tom in the show. Tom also loves to play in these shoes.
We enjoyed your visit and hope to see you & Laurel both soon.