Friday, September 18, 2009


Today started out all rainy so I let Petey come inside to play. I brought out some of the cat toys and spread them around in the dining room so Petey would have something to play with and after batting ping pong balls & tiny soft fleece mice around he always came back to my shoes.
The kittens all liked my sandals and I guess it's because of the holes they could put their paws & heads through. Today I had to loosen the straps a little because Petey has grown and he kept getting stuck. Petey doesn't seem to mind that he's the only kitten remaining. All of the other kittens are gone now, with my brother Dennis taking Tom with him when he left. Dennis has renamed Tom to Tomasita or something like that, because Tom turned out to be a girl.
Petey gets tired easily and takes a lot of cat naps and here he is napping in my shoes. After he woke up, his mother, Princess Pinky wanted to go outside so we put both of them out for the night. While on vacation all of the cats got used to staying outside all day & night and now they prefer being outside and that's a good thing, because now the cats don't wake us up in their usual way like this...CLICK HERE.

We spent a quiet day at home today with Jimmy's daughter, granddaughter, and two great-granddaughters stopping by to visit for a while. It was nice seeing all of them and happy baby Lillian is growing like a little weed and getting cuter all the time. Sandie invited us to a family gathering being held out on Harold's farm tomorrow afternoon with a hay ride planned for all the kids. It sounded like fun but I'm not sure if Jimmy will feel well enough to go. His side and his stomach are still giving him lots of pain.

Hope that your day was perfect with sunny skies and spent with the people you love. Life's too short, so enjoy every minute of it.


Kerri said...

Hi Sandy,
I finally took some time this morning to catch up on your posts, but then had to run off to choir practice. I worked in the garden this afternoon because it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, so I'm just now getting around to commenting.
Petey is a little sweety :) Isn't it funny the way he loves your sandles? Those pictures couldn't be cuter :)
You were lucky to find homes for all the kittens, and how nice that Dennis took Tom(asita) [Chuckle].
I don't blame you for keeping Petey. He's adorable.
Looks like you've had a fun summer with some great vacations and visits.
As for the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon. I would definitely opt out of that one...ack! You four were very brave :)
Looks like Cucoo had some fun times. I love his new hairdo :)
Summer has gone by much too fast, don't you think?
I hope and will be praying Jimmy feels better soon and that it turns out to be nothing serious.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Kerri...I just had to keep Petey because he looks so much like his mother except he has a small white ring on his tail and also an extra small black spot on his side which his mother does not have. I hope I'm right about his gender though and time will tell.

Fall will be here in a few days and I can't believe that our summer is coming to an end already. I do love fall and with all of the rain we've had I believe we might have a colorful fall.

Kerri, the Skywalk wasn't that bad. There's a wide border on each side to walk on if you don't like looking down. I'm not afraid of heights but I did feel a little something in my stomach just thinking of the possibility of the glass luck, haha. I did manage to bring home a souvenir when I fell on the ramp approaching the skywalk...clumsy me and now I'll have a small scar of remembrance. It was more embarrassing than anything, but nobody laughed. They were all too polite. I laugh now just thinking of it.

Jimmy & I have had more fun this summer visiting relatives and it was sure nice reconnecting with them. I thank God for everyday that he lets me spend time with them and be part of their lives.

Take care and take care of all of your pretty flowers and say Hi to Ross & Jasmine.