Monday, September 07, 2009

Don't you just love vacations....

I have so many good vacation pictures to share, that it's hard to pick out the ones to use. These two pictures are with my brother Ron & his wife Jo. The first picture was taken on the Glass Bridge, the Skywalk, in the Hualapai Indian Nation at Grand Canyon West in Arizona. If you're afraid of heights it's not for you, so don't waste your money because it's not a cheap thrill.

Ron, Jo, Sandy & Jimmy
Grand Canyon West

Another tourist passing by took the second picture of us using my camera. So many nice people in this world. The first picture was taken by a photographer on the Skywalk because you are not allowed to take ANYTHING with you while on the Skywalk....not even your purse or wallet. You are walked through a scanner, like in an airport, to make sure that you carry nothing onto the glass platform but cell phones, no cameras, no nut'in. I'm surprised that they didn't make us take off our jewelry. If you click to enlarge the first picture, you'll notice that we're all wearing matching slippers....aren't we cute?


... Paige said...

holy cow y'all went on the glass bridge!
my children sat on the edge of the canyon and I almost threw up-stupid teenagers. my beloved just laughed.
you are one brave lady and friends of course

Anonymous said...

wow cool .Don't know if I could do that.But be fun trying.
Funny didn't even notice the

Alipurr said...

great pics, love the matching slippers :), very glad you had a great trip!!! miss seeing you guys