Monday, September 07, 2009

Gil & Jenny

In August Jimmy & I paid a visit to my brother Gilbert, his wife Jenny and of course 22 year old Sporty. Sporty is their cat and looks great for 22. Jenny is carrying him in the picture above but it's not because he can't walk, because he does what any other cat does....sleep, eat & poop.

This is my brother Gilbert and his wife Jenny.

Here we are after rescuing Cucoo and I think I just realized that I already have posted this picture in the last Cucoo episode. The picture was taken right after we saved Cucoo from being washed out to sea.

Jimmy got his boots slightly wet while trying to save Cucoo.

Jenny & Jimmy look on as the Pelicans patiently wait for someone to stop by this fish cleaning area to clean & fillet their fish.

These are avocados ripening on the tree. They take over a year to mature.

My brother Gil


I bonded with a Pelican I named Pecker, because he kept trying to peck at my camera while I was trying to take a picture of Jimmy. I apparently got too close to Pecker and he took an interest in my camera.

There were seals everywhere and we got quite a show watching them play and of course sleep.

We had beautiful weather around the Morrow Bay area the whole time we were there visiting.

Here are the Pelicans again. I had never been this close to Pelicans before, so I was fascinated by them. By the end of the day I was able to pet Pecker on his beak or bill (what ever you call it).

Here I am at Cal Poly University. The tree with that trunk that looks all wrinkly bears fruit so large that the area around the tree has to be cordoned off, so that it doesn't hit anyone in the head and kill them as they walk by.

We visited the ocean every chance we could. The Pacific Ocean and the Bay were teaming with wildlife and it was so exciting watching everything. Gil & Jenny knew where to find each animal and were kind enough to show us all the sights. Jimmy & I had never been to this area and everything was so exciting and new to us.

I'll be posting more pictures of our visit to Gil & Jenny's from time to time. We had a wonderful time there and it was wonderful seeing my baby brother and Jenny again. We had so much fun at their home and hope to see them again real soon.

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