Monday, October 19, 2009

Interesting things to know

My internet was in and out today and made it difficult for me to blog or stay on facebook. I logged into fb and commented on some things before my internet finally gave out altogether and just kicked me off line and that was that. My day was far from shot though because it started out with a very nice phone call, I love those kinds of calls, and then Suzanne came over and asked Jimmy & I if we would ride to Richmond with her which we did. And Dennis, we bought a new toilet seat while we were there and this one doesn't have a crack in it, (giggle).

Did you hear that the first pig infected with the H1N1 Virus is in Minnesota? Yes, a pig finally got the swine flu.

Another thing of interest that I just heard was that you can get a tax credit of around $5400.00 to buy a golf cart which is about two thirds of its cost and in some states it's the total cost, so you can get one for FREE. Yes, it's part of your stimulus money that is meant to buy electric cars, and golf carts are electric cars and qualify for the tax credit. If there are any golfers out there, this is a good deal towards your next new golf cart if you act fast. It might be just like the cash for clunkers program and run out of money really quick. In the city where my brother lives you can drive golf carts on the city streets along with the rest of the traffic.

And yes....pretty soon I can get taxed for promoting or endorsing, on my blog, the purchase of golf carts and the use of the stimulus package money because I may be getting either monetary rewards for such said promotions/endorsement from the golf cart businesses or from the Federal Government. I will be punished by the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission Guide lines) or as Paige said, "my pockets sucked dry." I read that on my Dear Friend Paige's blog
and thought it was interesting because it's getting so you can't even have an opinion anymore.

Now close up your computers.....
There's going to be a TEST on what you just learned....and NO CHEATING!
Get a pen, close your eyes and write the answers on your hand, or a piece of paper if it's handy, but keep your eyes closed!!!


... Paige said...

What part of "don't say you heard it from me", did you not crack me up (pun intended).

I need a golf cart, no I don't but I'll mention it to Beloved...he is gonna love that one.

The stimulus is getting just so stimulating.

Word verifcation word

harmedis- get it harmed is or could be harm e dis said...

Golf Cart sounds good to me.