Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The looming test results

There's a hush in the house and everything has been quiet all day today. We are all secretly worried about the results of tomorrows visit to the doctor, so no one is saying anything about it. Jimmy looks sick although he says he feels fine. He's losing weight and isn't too interested in food, but that may be due to the fact that he has lost his sense of smell & taste and tomorrow they are also going to x-ray all of his sinus cavities to see if there might be a problem there that might affect his taste & smell.

Another reason I know that he's worried is because he did something he's never done before. Last night he sat down by me on the couch and watched the entire movie, Wild Hogs, and held me instead of his cat Jybow. That's when I really began to worry.

Tomorrow we'll get the results of his biopsy......Just say a prayer for Jimmy that he gets good news.

3 comments: said...

I just read your post and we both love you and Jimmy. Take care Love ya

The kitten sleeps with me at night and wakes me when it wants a saucer of milk. The kitten has a good home as do your kittens and family.

... Paige said...

Ah sweetie, I so understand...

Holy Father in heaven please take care of Jimmy and his family during this time of great stress. May you hold them close and bring peace.

in Jesus name we all pray


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thank you both and Paige thank you for your prayer. I think you have pull with the Big Man Upstairs because we got better news than we were expecting. Biopsy showed abnormal cells, meaning precancerous cells, no cancer or cancer, so we're back to square one. Jimmy will be having surgery at the end of the month and then we'll know something for sure, but the doctor assured us that if it's cancer that it is curable....Praise the Lord, that was good news!