Saturday, October 24, 2009

a mouse in the house

We have this cute little mouse in our house. Jybow, our big cat, had it cornered with the help of his little annoying buddy Petey when someone even more annoying came to help allowing the mouse to get away.

Jybow had the mouse trapped in a corner and the mouse looked pretty worn out when Jimmy noticed what was going on and went to the aide of the cat. That's when the mouse made its hasty getaway. So now the mouse is loose in the house somewhere and has to be caught before it chews holes in something I treasure.

I hate mouse traps because I don't want to kill the poor little misplaced creature, but I do want him out of here. If we can manage to trap him alive then I'll take him back by the creek and release him there where he'll have plenty of corn & nuts to eat all winter. This is the first little field mouse that I've seen in the house in a long time and he's probably not alone.


Kerri said...

Sounds like the mouse has nine lives :)
I hope you manage to catch it and put it out by the creek.
We haven't seen any in the house lately, and with 3 house cats I should hope not! But that hasn't stopped the mice in the past :)
I'll be praying for good news when Jimmy has that thyroid op. Tell him I had one way back in '72. Part of my thyroid was removed because it was overactive (hyperthyroidism).
Everyone thought we'd have a great fall foliage show because of the wet summer, but our leaves didn't last long at all. The wind and rain made short work of them. I didn't even get any really good fall pics because I kept waiting for a nice day....which didn't come. We've had a few lovely days this week though....alas, too late for good fall photos.
I'm glad you're enjoying some beautiful days outside.
Petey sure is cute :) said...

We had a great day Friday for Fall pictures and the leaves are beautiful here. Our cats keep the mouse families to a minimum.
We went to Metropolis for a fish fry and believe me the fish were delicious.