Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Partial perhaps Total Thyroidectomy

We had another rainy day today. We just can't have two consecutive days of sunshine for some reason and I think it has to do with the dag nabit clouds that keep rolling in. Have you noticed that whenever it rains there are clouds over head? Coincidence??? or not, you be the judge.

Since raking the leaves was out, Jimmy took the time to read over his surgery instructions. Did you know that they make you prep yourself before surgery now? Geez he's only getting his neck cut open and he has to start his prep today. First: He cannot shave starting today...that's easy and he doesn't mind that, so no more shaving for the rest of this week.
Second: He can take a shower or bath on Thursday, but not on Friday the day of the surgery...stinky pooo.
Third: He has two packages of these special wipes, to wipe down the area below his chin down to his nipples and all around his neck, even the back of his neck. You just never know how big the cut might be. He has two wipes and does this twice on Thursday and then he is to repeat the same wiping procedure with a new set of wipes on Friday morning before he goes to the hospital. There is also a warning not to get these wipes anywhere near you mouth, eyes, nose and to wash your hands very thoroughly, two or three times with plenty of soap & water. I think they could be harmful...What do you think? Perhaps we should call in the Hasmat Team to dispose of them when he's finished.

Jimmy's pre-op EKG & Chest X-Ray were fine, but it was too soon to get the blood test results and I'm sure they'll call us if anything is wrong.

I was jealous that Jimmy was getting all of the attention, so I paid a visit to the emergency room last night. I felt as though I had a boa constrictor wrapped around my chest and he was trying to squeeze the life out of me. It was nothing life threatening and they simply drugged the boa and he released his grip and I was sent home. It must have been something Zac said because it happened right after he left.....NAUGHT!!!

Yes, my Zackie came to see us last night. We always enjoy Zac's visits and NO it wasn't anything he did or said that caused my visit to the E.R. The ER said it was the Diet Dew that caused the flair up since I had been fine until Zac & I both had a pop to drink during his visit. Apparently boa constrictor's hate Diet Dew.

Zac has the new Windows 7 on that laptop (the one on his lap in the picture) and he's not all that impressed by it. He said that some of the simplest things like putting a desktop picture up are made more difficult with Windows 7. Just little things like that didn't need fixing. He's going to make a judgment later on after he's had time to play around with it more, so he told me to hold off on changing over my laptop to Windows 7 just yet. Since I'm not having any problems with my XP or VISTA, I don't mind keeping what I have. Zac, Jimmy & I had a very nice visit and I was able to help Zac with a little problem he mentioned with his film making. He said he needed an external hard drive so that he could store more film during a live shoot, and I said that I had one that he could have. He didn't want to take it, just to borrow it, but I told him that he could have it because I didn't know what to do with it even though I had followed the directions one by one. Zac made it work and knows how, so it's his.

We're all fine here. Jimmy is reading a book now and I'm right here writing something for you to read, but just as soon as I finish here I'm sticking in the DVD movie Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood to watch. No popcorn for me tonight, so bring on the jello & popcicles.....


Jessica said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I love that you are a friend of Staci's. She is just one of the most wonderful persons I know!! I hope Jimmy's surgery goes well. Watch out for those wipes!!! They sound a bit intense.

... Paige said...

Girl! I hate tha boa. It is the extra stress ya know. Jimmy will be fine, God does what is best.

hang in there my dear gummy butt, praying for y'all.

tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

I got my hard drive back up and running and I hope everything goes well for both of you tonight and tomorrow.

Alipurr said...

will be praying for you guys! love you,

Kerri said...

You scene stealer, you.
Seriously though, glad to hear you're OK and none worse the wear. Take it easy now and don't worry (be happy) :) I think Paige is right...too much stress. Better stay away from diet dew too ;)