Thursday, October 29, 2009

We saw the sun today....

The sun has been missing for most of the summer here, but today it showed up in all its glory. We even broke out in a sweat while clearing away and mulching some of the fallen leaves. We abandoned the rake and brought out the leaf blower and I used it for most of the time while Jimmy ran over my piles of leaves with the riding mower. We mostly worked in the back yard while our neighbor worked in our front yard.

Earlier in the day I heard a lawn mower in my front yard and looked out to see our neighbor sucking up our leaves into this great big white canvas bag that was attached to his riding mower. Jimmy was already out back using the leaf blower, so I got myself off the computer and went out to help. It was a beautiful sunny day and a day when I thought Jimmy might want to ride a little, but since he was having surgery he thought he'd better get the leaves taken care of first. Me, for one, thought that riding should be first on his agenda and I could run over and mulch the leaves on Saturday or even better, when they ALL FALL DOWN later in the week, but Jimmy doesn't like to wait. Our neighbor, Blonde Holt, is about Jimmy's age and likes to help Jimmy when he can...of course Jimmy also runs to his aide when he sees Blonde doing something that might require his help.

****Thomas Edward & Ruth Wallace****

While we were outside, Jimmy's brother Butch and his wife Ruth stopped by and brought us some of their home grown tomatoes. It's always nice to see them, but they're not too fond of my camera. I had to practically threaten them to get this picture. I think this is a very good picture of them and they don't know that I have a blog. Some day they, or one of their children, will run across this picture and be surprised to see it online.

Look how muddy! All it does is rain here and our driveway is in desperate need of some gravel. The driveway finally dried up a little today in the sun, but gravel is on the top of the list of things to be done. Sharon and Scott stopped short of the mud puddle and just parked their bikes there.

Scott is doing great and he has recovered faster than anyone of us thought he would. He's decided to go back to his construction job starting this coming Monday thanks to his Swedish Nurse, Nurse Ulna. Nurse Ulna has had Scott jogging a couple miles a day this week and after that Scott said he was ready to return to work. Nurse Ulna has once again worked her magic on Scott and he has become suddenly healed and ready to return to work. Good job Nurse Ulna!

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Nurse Ulna,she'll heal you or she'll kill you! ya