Friday, October 09, 2009

Tornado Warnings

The strong winds of a tornado aren't the only winds blowing around...and I'm not talking about the weather although we are in the midst of a tornado warning as I type. If for some reason I don't blog or email it might be that I got struck by lightning and that would certainly solve some problems. All kidding aside, we are experiencing bad weather right now.

It rained so hard a few moments ago that even our gutters couldn't handle the amount of rainfall that was falling from the sky and were over-flowing in different areas. I went outside to rescue the kitten who looked pretty frightened by the blaring sirens. The warning sirens have been greatly improved because even with the TV on I heard the whaling of the sirens from within the house, but I still couldn't understand what they were saying when they spoke. It was like a message from God speaking down to me from the sky except that he was speaking in some form of garbled unrecognizable language. Of course when you hear the sirens you automatically know to turn your TV on to a local station for weather information. That works fine until your satellite goes out and it goes out almost immediately. Luckily I have one of those weather radios that don't require electricity or batteries, just some cranking, as in winding it up.

I didn't even have time to get out my radio. The storm stopped, the sun came out and Jimmy walked in the door armed with sacks of groceries with a story about how it stormed at Walmart and boy was he glad that he didn't ride his bike like he was going to.

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It rained here all day but it was steady and not violent.