Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Guests

Dennis & Laurel at Owsley Fork Reservoir

As you know, my brother Dennis was here to visit a couple of weeks ago and took one of our kittens (Tom) home with him. He had to borrow a cat carrier to transport Tom a couple of hundred miles to the kitten's new home, so he came back this weekend to return the cat carrier, and brought the whole family with him.

Laurel in our living room

When they carried the cat carrier into the house I noticed that it had something inside it and my first thought was that they had brought the kitten back...or maybe just for a visit. Neither of these things were true. The cat carrier had a pretty woven basket inside of it filled with birthday presents, and YES....they were for me! It seems that this year everyone wants to celebrate my birthday and I'm beginning to wonder if they know something that I don't know, like perhaps that it might be my last birthday or something horrible like that. (knock on wood that I'm wrong, but everyone is going to spoil me).
I really do appreciate being pampered & spoiled, but my birthday was last month. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful surprises that you made for me with your very own hands and for all the other funny and useful gifts that you gave me. I just can't thank you enough for throwing me another surprise birthday party in October of all months!

Natasha, Allison, Talon & Eliana

The handmade gifts came from these four smiling faces.

My great neices

My wonderful brother Tomas Dennis

Everyone always has to go upstairs at Suzanne's house just to look back down to the floors below. This seems to be a big attraction at her house, even for adults. Suzanne is standing in the background on the left, with Natasha, Talon and Allison by the railing.

This is me on my porch swing with Allison's children.

Talon wants to play checkers, but doesn't care if anyone else joins him.

Allison has just as much fun picking wildflowers as I do.
I'm a sucker for wildflowers and you couldn't please me more
than to give me a wildflower bouquet.

These are for mommy!

All of us had a wonderful visit, even though it was a bit short, but I hope all of you come back very soon for a longer visit. And maybe by that time I can find out where the petting zoo moved to.


... Paige said...

that sure looked like y'all had fun.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We did Paige, we had lots of fun. The kids are pure joy to be around, and of course so were all the rest. I can't wait until they come back.

JunieRose2005 said...


I enjoyed reading this and seeing all the pictures!! What pretty people in your life! I sure would love to be in that wildflower field!!