Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being Spontaneous, getting creeped out, or creeping someone else out???

While Jimmy & I were on our trip to California & Arizona this summer, my daughter Suzanne called and wished us a Happy Anniversary and told us to look in the glove compartment of our car and pull out the blue envelope, so we did and in the envelope, along with a beautiful card was a gift card for Red Lobster. We never used it and today while Jimmy's daughter Sandie and her husband Glen were here, Glen suddenly blurted out, "Does anyone want to go to Red Lobster right now? Talking about those crawdads made me think of sea food."
Of course the rest of us all in unison yelled out, "YES!"
I bet it didn't take us 2 minutes to put the cats out, lock the house, go to the bathroom, grab our purses and leave the driveway. I tell you, we can be quick when it comes to food. Sandie had a gift card and we had a gift card so our meals turned out to be practically free.

I love being spontaneous like that, it's really much more fun than planning it out ahead of time. We went as we were and if it had been planned out I would still be thinking about which outfit I should wear and was it going to be cold and will this coat match these pants and so forth.

After we ate Glen however did make the mistake of asking us, out of politeness, if there was any place else that we wanted to go before we started for home so I said, how about Lowes? So we stopped at Lowes and bought some bamboo shades for the cats to keep the snow & rain off of them & their new heated cat blanket. Then Glen decided that they would stop at Belk's way across town and check on a GPS that was on sale and I told them that I would like to wait in the truck so that I could make some phone calls while I had cell phone service...unfortunately I wasn't able to reach who I wanted to talk to. Oh well...

But while sitting in the truck talking to my daughter an older, heavy set man gave me the creeps. I was sitting in the front passenger seat with the window down and he was standing very still just out of eyesight near the back door of the truck on my side...a baby step back and he would have been leaning on the door. I don't know how long he had been there but you know how you can get that creepy kind of feeling like someone is watching you? Well, I finally just slightly leaned forward and caught his image in the side mirror standing very still next to the door behind me just out of sight. I kept talking to my daughter watching him, but I couldn't see his head, just a small portion of his body and he wasn't moving at all. I didn't want him to know that I had seen him and he was standing there strangely still listening to us talk. I was hoping he'd go away and at that point I wasn't about to hang up the phone so I just kept talking until I decided to just take my chances and turned around and looked him straight in the eye and with that he moved off into the middle of the empty lane next to me and pretended like he was looking for his car with his car remote in his hand. He wasn't a bit still now as he pretended to look and search for his car but always staying in the empty lane next to me, never moving on. That's when I told my daughter what was going on and described him to her and after about 1-2 more minutes he finally found his truck. It was parked straight in front of him and me, our truck bumpers just three feet apart. I felt like I just missed a close call from some sort of deranged man. I know that I'm no spring chicken but neither was he and boy did he creep me out.

Now that I am safely home I'm thinking that I might have over reacted and misunderstood the older gentleman. He might have been deaf and had one of those senior moments and was really searching for his truck when I suddenly stuck my head out the window and scared the crap out of him. After all I was purposely being very still and he might not have seen me when he stopped to look for his truck.

That just goes to show you that you can't always judge what's really going on even if you are involved in the goings on.


Jellyhead said...

Hi Sandy,

I have been away from blogging awhile, so am just ctaching up on your news. I'm sorry to hear about all the drama and worry with Jimmy's thyroid cancer. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes that everything continues to be positive for him - sounds like they got it all, which is great.

Those creepy situations are scary, aren't they? I think it's always best to go with your instinct, just in case.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend - here it is sunny and birds are chirping outside and I am loving even the chores today! said...

We had a friend who used their key remote to lock their car (making it honk) and while they were in the store someone had copied their remote sound and nicely and quietly entered their car and stole everything in the car. I do not know how that works but it does. I was told to lock your car the old way by pushing the buttons down.

doubleknot said...

That is creepy - maybe he was watching you trying to decide if he could kidnap you. You may have just saved yourself by looking at him and letting him know you knew he was there.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Jellyhead and Doubleknot...It's so nice to see you back. I've missed seeing you two and reading your comments.

Dennis...Yes I heard of that being done and in the article I read it told how they could copy your code remotely, but they have to be parked within a certain distance and it was advised that if you can see someone just sitting in a van or car that you should lock your car the old fashioned way like you mentioned in your comment.

TUFFENUF said...

Being a former cop I am always supicious, you can't be too careful!

Kerri said...

Rather unnerving, to say the very least. I'm glad it worked out well. I agree with Jelly and should go with your instincts and if someone acts strangely, it's good to be suspicious.
Isn't it great to see "old, familiar faces" like Jelly and Tuff? It seems a long time that we've been blogging buddies.
Just a comment on the Healthcare fiasco you mentioned below. Some people just don't get the fact that it's all about government control. This is the ultimate control. If they get it passed, heaven help us.