Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Noah's Bug

I went to the doctor today for a routine physical and, I just so happened to be sick, how's that for perfect timing? I've been sick since Saturday. The first two days with a sore throat, then on Monday sneezing all day with a congested head and runny nose, followed by a day of nothing but incessant coughing...boy that was painful.
Today the coughing had subsided but I was feeling worse. The doctor did mouth swabs, listened to my chest & back, looked in my ears, nose & mouth, felt my lymph nodes for any swelling, did a full scale battery of blood tests and then she decided to just go ahead and shoot me......
with two vaccinations, one for pneumonia & the other for shingles. I have something for which there is NO CURE.

I have the Common Cold.

Jimmy had the rest of his thyroid removed on Friday and tomorrow he is right on schedule for a day of incessant coughing......OOPS! That's Not Good! Hold on to your neck Honey, so you don't break loose all those stitches.

Scott is a day behind me, and today is his incessant coughing day and another day to feel like crap.

I thought a cold was only supposed to last three days? Or is that in three days you begin to start to feel better?


PEA said...

Oh dear, I do hope you all feel better real soon! Between the common flu, the common cold, the H1N1 virus, etc, everyone seems to be sick these days. Touch wood, it hasn't affected me just watch me get up tomorrow morning with a sore throat! lol Caught up on your last few posts and no doubt Jimmy is glad to have the last of the surgery done. As you say, he sure looks good for someone who's just had surgery again:-)

Make sure you come by and enter my Chocolate Giveaway if you haven't already!! xoxo said...

I hope you are feeling better as you read this. No one should suffer as you have this week. Get well real soon. Maybe a little hug will solve everything. Again get well. Love ya

... Paige said...

I hope y'all are doing better today.