Monday, December 07, 2009

Two Titles: Where have I been? or I was a BAD, BAD girl!

That's a good question, but I haven't been anywhere but right here at home just enjoying the peace and quiet that a lack of doctors appointments can bring. It's just been so nice not to have to go anywhere. We did wake up to a dusting of snow on Saturday morning but it sadly left by Sunday and Jimmy was jumping for joy that it was only a dusting...he doesn't like cold weather and he especially doesn't like snow.

I remember when we first got married and we had a deep snowfall. I was so excited and wanted him to join me in making a snowman. No matter what I did he wouldn't come out to play but I finally got his dog out to play in the snow. PJ had never stepped in snow before and she was about 5 years old. Jimmy had always cleared away the snow so his little pup didn't have to get her feet snow covered, so snow was new to her. I didn't clear anything away and brought her out with me and she got just as excited as I did about playing in the snow...she loved it too. Occasionally we'd go inside and warm up only to go back out. Jimmy finally escaped into his building to work on something and by this time I was tired of pleading with him to come out, so I decided to make a snow fort after I finished making the snowman.

You should understand that I was used to playing in snow, going sledding, hiking and just enjoying the snow covered earth during the winter months. I would spend hours outside at Shady Oaks shoveling snow out of our long drive way just so that I could get to work the next day. It was just so exciting seeing the earth looking so white and so pristine. It was my winter wonderland and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the snowflakes falling, just my two dogs and I. We would stay outside til 11:00 p.m. only coming in to warm up and finally to get to bed so that I could go to work the next morning. I never missed work because of snow and I would have walked there if I had to.

So while I was begging Jimmy to come share this moment with me I was thinking of all the times I've had no one to enjoy the snow with, and this time I thought it would be different. I thought that I could talk HIM into coming outside, but it wasn't to be. As I realized that he wasn't going to budge, not even for me.... and he chose instead to go out and clean up his work bench it hurt my feelings so I decided to build my snow fort right in front of the doors where he had escaped to. Of course when it was time for him to come out he couldn't get the doors open. Snow is very heavy especially when packed into a snow fort and after much begging I finally tore down my snow fort and let him out. He still doesn't like snow and I'm too old to build snow forts.

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Now that was being tough. I have to agree that I have the same feelings about getting my way. It is nice to see the post because it adds to our family history which is a good thing. I wish my family in California (mom and dad's family) could of saved their history with us in writing.
It seems that we have done something rather good.
Love ya