Monday, January 04, 2010

Family Fun

I don't know where to begin, but these last few days have been busy days full of hustle and bustle, but spent with my children and their families. I've either been at the movies, looking through piles of music CD's, celebrating a birthday, eating out with the kids, shopping for clothes for Sharon or seeing the beautiful holiday lights at the horse park. I even visited a petting zoo which was a whole lot of fun. There is still one more movie that I'd like to see and that is AVATAR in 3D, but I've heard that it can either leave you with a headache, make you feel sick or nothing at all, and that's what's kept me away from that movie so far.

Today besides taking Petey to the vet for his immunizations, rabies shots and a general physical exam we took Sharon & Scott out to eat to celebrate Sharon's new old job. Remember before the Christmas holidays she took a temporary job with wally world and it ended after the holidays were over and she was sent home? They told her when she signed on that if they liked her as a temp that they would let her go and then call her back in 30 days. Well I think I can count, but it hasn't been anywhere near 30 days since Christmas & New Years and today they called her back to start work tomorrow morning. She must have made quite an impression....that's my girl!

It's nice not having any doctor's appointments for a while and Petey's vet appointments are no problem. It's just routine because the little fella is getting fixed in a couple of weeks. We're all fine and well and just enjoying being around family during these very cold days, and it also helps to pass the time away while waiting for Spring to arrive.

I'm also glad that the Christmas holidays are over with because I think I gained a little weight although Sharon says I haven't and Jimmy says I have. My jeans say I have and they win the argument. It's time to get serious and get back to eating my veggies & fresh fruits instead of fudge, nuts and Christmas goodies of all sorts, sizes and colors. Maybe a little dancing and moving around more might also help control my weight too. Jimmy says if I follow him around that might do it, haha, but I think he's right.

I think I've just about covered everything that I've been doing lately, but I'm sure I've left out something important and if I have it's just because I forgot. Please don't hold it against me and if I remember what it is that I forgot, I'll come back and add it to the list of things I've been doing.

Stay safe and stay warm.

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