Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cold Day, Cool Night

This morning Jimmy found three of our cats with a light dusting of snow on their backs as they lay asleep in their chair, so we decided that we needed to do something more to keep the snow from blowing in on the cats. We have already hung up shades and that has been keeping the snow flurries off the porch, but I guess last night the snow blew in from the opening by the front steps.
I had thought of making them a tent like structure over their chair but then asked Jimmy to bring the larger of our two dog/cat houses to the front porch. I put several warm blankets in the doghouse just to see if I could lure a cat from the warm chair into the doghouse and sure enough Hopalong took the bait. If I find all three cats in the doghouse then the problem of the snow covered cats will be solved and I'll move their warm electric throw in there too for the really cold nights.

The weather here is forever changing and the zero weather that was forcasted has now been upgraded, but not above freezing. The temps will all be below freezing for the rest of the week.

Sandie, Erica & Valerie all came over today with the children and we were able to give them back all the toys and things that they left here on Christmas day. The kids were all as sweet as they normally are and 3 yr old Kyra and Petey are the best of friends. Petey has gotten so he now goes straight to Kyra when she comes in and they lay down on the living room floor and play together. Kyra is so gentle with Petey and Petey is gentle right back and never extends his sharp claws. In fact Petey doesn't extend his claws for anyone, but the furniture bad kitty. He's just a very sweet and playful kitten. Suzanne also stopped in for a short visit while she was out paying bills and it's always nice seeing her or any of my children.

There wasn't any school today because the roads were slick & slippery out in the country. The city school here had school but not any of the surrounding county schools. We had snow flurries blowing around all day today but there really didn't seem to be much accumulation.

Night has fallen and we're now all settled in front of the fire. Jimmy is in his chair reading a book and I'm here with you telling you of my day...well at least part of my day. There was much more to my day, a sadness of which I can't explain. Maybe it's all this cold that surrounds me.
Tomorrow will be better I'm sure. The day will begin all fresh and new and it'll be a day closer to the greenness of Spring.

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