Sunday, January 31, 2010

Invaded by men in fire-proof suits

Last night after dark we were, or maybe I should say that our driveway was invaded by the fire department and all of their emergency vehicles and also all the volunteer fire department guys and their cars and trucks. The koookie neighbors in the back that I have often talked about that have no sense, called the fire dept. All their lights were off when the firemen arrived but when they finally left their house lights were all back on. The firemen didn't even undo their fire hoses but they just went in the house armed with axes. I think the neighbors just blew a fuse in their breaker box and needed someone to flip the fuse back on. These neighbors do stupid things like this all the time. The worst thing that happened was that some of the emergency vehicles got stuck in the driveway because of the deep snow. They really made our driveway slick. It will be interesting to see if we can get out of it now. Last night there were two wreckers here trying to get the firemen out and it's a good thing that these guys are in shape because there was also a lot of pushing of cars up hill. It was a mess but I'll have to say that all of those constantly flashing emergency lights sparkled in the snow and made it look really pretty....prettier than any Christmas lights. I really don't know what happened in their house, but I didn't see any fire and I didn't see any smoke. Just lights off and then when the firemen were finished lights on.

This morning I accidentally let Petey out and noticed that the thermometer said it was 10 degrees and it felt colder than that. We can't take our new thermometer seriously because just a few days ago when the sun was shining on it, it said that it was 120 degrees. Just as soon as I opened the door though and stood in the opened doorway my nostrils began freezing up when the cold air hit me, so I knew it was cold cold cold. Jybow only stayed outside just long enough to pee and she wanted to come right back in but Petey wouldn't come in and I was just going to leave him out there until he got cold enough and begged to come in, but Jimmy went out and chased him down and brought him in.

Jimmy went to buy a newspaper a little while ago, so the driveway is fine and we're still able to get out. He said that the cashier told him that the temp was 3 degrees. I'm staying inside. No snowman building for me until it warms up...a lot.


... Paige said...

neighbors, crazy people...that's why I just smile and wave, no talking

PEA said...

It's ridiculous what some people call the fire department for! They should be charged for making them come out for nothing, especially if it was just a blown fuse. But, they say better safe than sorry so I guess that's why so many get away with it. We've had some strange neighbours as well and now when someone new moves in, I refuse to get too friendly with them! lol

Keep warm, we're having the same kind of frigid temps! xoxo

Kerri said...

They sure do sound like a kookie bunch. Too bad we can't choose our neighbors. We're lucky to have good ones, and not too close :)
But we've got some kookie ones down the road!
We had a frigid weekend too but no heavy snowfalls...just light stuff this time. We had our taste of nasty weather last Thursday with high winds, blowing snow and whiteout conditions. I hate that kind of weather! I was working, but luckily I drove home during a calm period when the snow had stopped for a while.

Rachel said...

Hi Sandy! Your neighbors sound like true dingalings!

I loved the picture of Jimmy in the snow! Looks like he just decided to nap there and relax a bit!

You guys got more snow than we did! Ours is melting fast now.

Hope you two are doing great!! It's been awhile since I've seen you two!

Alipurr said...
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Alipurr said...

wow, what a story!! this is why I love blogging :). We all are really interested in fire trucks in your driveway and other exciting or mundane things you might be doing. I actually stopped by to wish you a Happy Groundhog Day!!!